Consultancy & Engineering


OMEL offers a wide variety of ship design services. For your project a project plan is made selecting the services needed. Main phases in the project plan are:
• Conceptual design
• Tender Design (for Government Tender)
• Finalizing Design / Basic Engineering
• Detail Engineering
• Delivery Documentation.
A successful initial design proceeds with engineering. In the basic engineering phase the exchange of information is crucial. Our tools for the exchange of information improve the efficiency, help our engineers and are accessible for our clients allowing them to follow the project in detail. During 3D engineering the model will be made available for the client as well.
Besides the regular design work and engineering the experts of OMEL are flexible and able to provide solutions onsite or in a different way. We like to think together with our clients, solutions can be found in the office, or onsite in workshop or on the shipyard.

We recognize that good planning of the project, including selecting the appropriate vessel, carrying out risk assessments and vessel logistics are central to ensuring that the client’s project is completed smoothly and to a high standard. By combining the high quality service with our detailed knowledge of the industry, OMEL enables the correct decisions to be made in a cost effective and time efficient manner.



The naval architects and proposal engineers of OMEL work in close cooperation with the client on the initial design of a new vessel. In this stage of the project the team works towards the concept according client’s wishes. Design calculations result in first drawings, specifications and plans. In most projects the initial design package includes a detailed general arrangement plan, an outline specification, a main frame drawing, Speed/Powering analysis and a design report. The design report gives the client a summary of the design calculations performed.
The initial design can be supported by engineering studies, 3D artist impressions or any other additional scope that can assist you in your project plan.



The engineer phase is maybe the most challenging phase in realizing the project. Having the clear understanding of these challenges and experience OMEL is able to fulfill the engineering tasks. Engineering can be divided in two parts: Basic engineering and Detail engineering


Basic engineering includes the fixation of the initial design. In this stage the 3D engineering model, resulting in construction plans and arrangements, is prepared. Together with additional calculations, system diagrams and safety plans the solid base is provided for successful building.
The experienced engineers of OMEL are used to work with different classification societies and with different yard standards on a wide variety of projects and vessels.


The detail engineering and provision of production information is the last step before steel cutting and building of the vessel commences. A detailed and complete package of production drawing including shipyard’s standards is of major importance and will earn itself. The cooperation between the engineers of OMEL and production yard is very important. Knowing and trusting each other is the key to success.


consultancyFor every other situation OMEL is at your service. Your request will be considered and discussed, we will think together with you about possible solutions. Concept studies of conversion, change of class or flag, draught increase or update of the vessel’s stability booklets are just examples of possibilities. Also in case of questions or difficulties with new regulations or future legislation we can provide solutions. Don’t hesitate to forward us your consultancy request. We are ready to manage your project or as your representative to supervise the project.




In cases you temporarily need to reinforce your team OMEL can provide onsite assistance. Our naval architects and engineers can be added to your team and work together with your experts onsite. This way engineering or other solutions are provided and difficulties with travel and communication avoided. In case you need onsite experts outside the office for surveys or others, please feel free to contact us.

Key Human resources

Naval Architect
Marine Chief Engineer
Master Mariner
Ex-ship surveyor
Mechanical Engineer

Our Guiding Principles

These are our most important assets. OMEL is focused on commitment to our clients’ best interests.
Our team works with integrity, professionalism and dedication – these are core attributes that underpin everything we do.