• Expertise

    OMEL enables the correct decisions to be made in a cost effective and time efficient manner

  • engineering consultancy

    OMEL is an independent marine and engineering consultancy organization, providing high quality services to the marine and offshore industries.

  • Design of New Vessels

    OMEL can provide complete naval architectural and marine engineering services

OMEL is a design engineering company providing services in the fields of naval architecture, marine consulting, structural and offshore engineering. Our aspiration is to be the premier design consultancy for specialized offshore vessels. Our quality and innovative designs, technical knowledge base, project management skills, and design experience are reasons why our clients pick OMEL as their trusted engineering partner. OMEL balances exceptional responsiveness with on-the-ground expertise where it is needed. Since inception, we have been tackling the most urgent and complex challenges across the maritime sectors. The company draws on an experienced workforce of highly trained engineering, technical and administrative personnel to provide an integrated team capable of handling the largest of marine design projects, from concept through to detailed documentation. OMEL’s expertise covers the design of vessels and floating structures of all types and sizes, fabricated from steel, aluminum alloy, GRP and wood. All work is carried out using the latest technology in computer aided design, engineering and drafting software. OMEL is experienced in designing to all major international classification society, codes and flag state requirements and can provide comprehensive solutions in most marine design related engineering disciplines.

Key Human resources

Naval Architect
Marine Chief Engineer
Master Mariner
Ex-ship surveyor
Mechanical Engineer

Our Guiding Principles

These are our most important assets. OMEL is focused on commitment to our clients’ best interests.
Our team works with integrity, professionalism and dedication – these are core attributes that underpin everything we do.